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Sunday, February 28, 2021

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Monday, March 1, 2021

(Bold titles indicate best paper candidates)

TimeSession TitlePresentation TitleAuthors
8:00 AMOpeningOpening Session
8:15 AMFPGA ArchitectureTop-Down Physical Design of Soft Embedded FPGA FabricsPrashanth Mohan, Oguz Atli, Onur Kibar, Mohammed Zackriya Vanaikar, Larry Pileggi and Ken Mai
NetCracker: A Peek into the Routing Architecture of Xilinx 7-Series FPGAs   Morten Borup Petersen, Stefan Nikolić and Mirjana Stojilović
Tensor Slices to the Rescue: Supercharging ML Acceleration on FPGAsAman Arora, Samidh Mehta, Vaughn Betz and Lizy John
Global Is the New Local: FPGA Architecture at 5nm and Beyond   Stefan Nikolić, Francky Catthoor, Zsolt Tőkei and Paolo Ienne
FABulous: an Embedded FPGA FrameworkDirk Koch, Nguyen Dao, Bea Healy and Andrew Attwood
Stratix 10 NX Architecture and ApplicationsMartin Langhammer, Eriko Nurvitadhi, Bogdan Pasca and Sergey Gribok
9:30 AMKeynote (Paul Chow)Scientific Applications of FPGAs at the LHCPhilip Harris, MIT
10:30 AMAbstractions and ToolsThunderGP: HLS-Based Graph Processing Framework on FPGAs   Xinyu Chen, Hongshi Tan, Yao Chen, Bingsheng He, Weng-Fai Wong and Deming Chen
AutoBridge: Coupling Coarse-Grained Floorplanning and Pipelining for High-Frequency HLS Design on Multi-Die FPGAs   Licheng Guo, Yuze Chi, Jie Wang, Jason Lau, Weikang Qiao, Ecenur Ustun, Zhiru Zhang and Jason Cong
AutoSA: A Polyhedral Compiler for High-Performance Systolic Arrays on FPGAJie Wang, Licheng Guo and Jason Cong
Demystifying the Memory System of Modern Datacenter FPGAs for Software Programmers Through MicrobenchmarkingAlec Lu, Zhenman Fang, Weihua Liu and Lesley Shannon
HBM Connect: High-Performance HLS Interconnect for FPGA HBMYoung-kyu Choi, Yuze Chi, Weikang Qiao, Nikola Samardzic and Jason Cong
PRGA: An Open-Source FPGA Research and Prototyping FrameworkAng Li and David Wentzlaff
Interactive Debugging at IP Block Interfaces in FPGAs (short)Marco Merlini, Isamu Poy and Paul Chow
11:50 AMPoster Session 1

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

TimeSession TitlePresentation TitleAuthors
8:00 AMMachine Learning and Supporting AlgorithmsGraSU: A Fast Graph Update Library for FPGA-Based Dynamic Graph ProcessingQinggang Wang, Long Zheng, Yu Huang, Pengcheng Yao, Chuangyi Gui, Xiaofei Liao, Hai Jin, Wenbin Jiang and Fubing Mao
Folded Integer Multiplication for FPGAsMartin Langhammer and Bogdan Pasca
FracBNN: Accurate and FPGA-Efficient Binary Neural Networks with Fractional Activations Yichi Zhang, Junhao Pan, Xinheng Liu, Hongzheng Chen, Deming Chen and Zhiru Zhang
DYNAMAP: Dynamic Algorithm Mapping Framework for Low Latency CNN InferenceYuan Meng, Sanmukh Kuppannagari, Rajgopal Kannan and Viktor Prasanna
S2N2: An FPGA Accelerator for Streaming Spiking Neural NetworksAlireza Khodamoradi, Ryan Kastner and Kristof Denolf
Efficient Deployment of Input-Adaptive Object Detection on Embedded FPGAs   Qijing Huang, Dequan Wang, Zhen Dong, Yizhao Gao, Yaohui Cai, Bichen Wu, Tian Li, Kurt Keutzer and John Wawrzynek
Efficient FPGA Modular Multiplication Implementation (short)Martin Langhammer and Bogdan Pasca
9:25 AMHall of Fame Paper (Brent Nelson)
9:30 AMKeynoteAre We Alone? Searching for ET with FPGAsDan Werthimer, University of California, Berkeley
10:30 AMPoster Session 2
11:15 AMApplicationsReconfigurable Acceleration of Short Read Mapping with Biological ConsiderationHo-Cheung Ng, Izaak Coleman, Shuanglong Liu and Wayne Luk
An FPGA-Based 7-ENOB 600 MSample/s ADC Without Any External Components Lukas Leuenberger, Dorian Amiet, Tao Wei and Paul Zbinden
A Framework for Customizable FPGA-Based Image Registration Accelerators   Davide Conficconi, Eleonora D'Arnese, Emanuele Del Sozzo, Donatella Sciuto and Marco Santambrogio
NASCENT: Near-Storage Acceleration of Database Sort on SmartSSDSahand Salamat, Behnam Khaleghi, Armin Haj Aboutalebi, Joo Hwan Lee, Yang Seok Ki and Tajana Rosing
MOCHA: Multinode Cost Optimization in Heterogeneous Cloud with Accelerators (short)Peipei Zhou, Jiayi Sheng, Cody Hao Yu, Peng Wei, Jie Wang, Di Wu and Jason Cong
Design Principles for Packet Deparsers on FPGAs (short)Thomas Luinaud, Jeferson Santiago da Silva, Pierre Langlois and Yvon Savaria
12:15 PMClosingBest Paper and Closing

Poster Session 1 (March 1)

Probabilistic Optimization for High-Level SynthesisJianyi Cheng, John Wickerson and George Constantinides
A Framework for Optimizing GCN Inference on FPGABingyi Zhang, Rajgopal Kannan and Viktor Prasanna
Clockwork: Resource-Efficient Static Scheduling for Multi-Rate Image Processing Applications on FPGAsDillon Huff, Steve Dai and Pat Hanrahan
LEAP: A Deep Learning Based Aging-Aware Architecture Exploration Framework for FPGAsBehnam Ghavami, S. Milad Ebrahimipour, Zhenman Fang and Lesley Shannon
Modeling Cloud FPGA-Based Systems via Few-Shot LearningGagandeep Singh, Dionysios Diamantopoulos, Juan Gómez-Luna, Sander Stuijk, Onur Mutlu and Henk Corporaal
APCNN: Explore Multi-Layer Cooperation for CNN Optimization and Acceleration on FPGABeilei Jiang, Xianwei Cheng, Sihai Tang, Xu Ma, Zhaochen Gu, Hui Zhao and Song Fu
ScalaBFS: A Scalable BFS Accelerator on FPGA-HBM PlatformChenhao Liu, Zhiyuan Shao, Kexin Li, Minkang Wu, Jiajie Chen, ruoshi li, Xiaofei Liao and Hai Jin
AutoDSE: Enabling Software Programmers Design Efficient FPGA AcceleratorsAtefeh Sohrabizadeh, Cody Hao Yu, Min Gao and Jason Cong
SWIFT: Small-World-Based Structural Pruning to Accelerate DNN Inference on FPGAYufei Ma, Gokul Krishnan, Yu Cao, Le Ye and Ru Huang
Fuzzing High-Level Synthesis ToolsZewei Du, Yann Herklotz, Nadesh Ramanathan and John Wickerson
RIFL: A Reliable Link Layer Network Protocol for FPGA-to-FPGA CommunicationQianfeng Shen, Jun Zheng and Paul Chow

Poster Session 2 (March 2)

Stealing Neural Network Structure Through Remote FPGA Side-Channel AnalysisYicheng Zhang, Rozhin Yasaei, Hao Chen, Zhou Li and Mohammad Al Faruque
Exploring PGAS Communication for Heterogeneous Clusters with FPGAsVarun Sharma and Paul Chow
Extending High-Level Synthesis for Task-Parallel ProgramsYuze Chi, Licheng Guo, Young-kyu Choi, Jie Wang and Jason Cong
A Quaternary FPGA Architecture Using Floating Gate MemoriesAyokunle Fadamiro, Pouyan Rezaie, Spencer Millican and Christoper Harris
Resource Sharing in Dataflow CircuitsLana Josipović, Axel Marmet, Andrea Guerrieri and Paolo Ienne
Triggered Scheduling: Efficient Detection of Dataflow Network Idleness on Heterogeneous SystemsMahyar Emami, Endri Bezati, James Larus and Jorn Janneck
Classifying Computations on Multi-Tenant FPGAsMustafa Gobulukoglu, Colin Drewes, Bill Hunter, Dustin Richmond and Ryan Kastner
NPE: An FPGA-Based Overlay Processor for Natural Language ProcessingHamza Khan, Asma Khan, Zainab Khan, Lun Bin Huang, Kun Wang and Lei He
PyLog: An Algorithm-Centric Python-Based FPGA Programming and Synthesis FlowSitao Huang, Kun Wu, Paul Jeong, Chengyue Wang, Deming Chen and Wen-mei Hwu
MLBlocks: FPGA Blocks for Machine Learning ApplicationsSeyedramin Rasoulinezhad, David Boland and Philip Leong
3M-AI: A Multi-Task and Multi-Core Virtualization Framework for Multi-FPGA AI Systems in the CloudShulin Zeng, Guohao Dai, Hanbo Sun, Jun Liu, Hongren Zheng, Yusong Wu, Fan Zhang, Xinhao Yang, Yi Cai, Yu Wang and Huazhong Yang